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Carlos 'n Charlies

Nightlife & Entertainment

The night is still young and - wow! - this place is packed with attractive young happy island vacationers and tourists from all over the world who just want to dance, sing, get drunk and have a good time. Mmm, delicious! Let's do it!

You and your fraternal entourage could do nothing better than to hop on over to the festive Carlos 'n Charlie's bar and see first hand what all of the gleeful raucous is about. You and many of your companions are bound to meet that attractive special someone if you just get spirited enough. And fortunately, spirits are in no short supply at Carlos 'n Charlie's.

Indeed, happy island partiers like you will find that the bar - whether it's the one inside or the one outside - boasts a wide assortment of delicious mixed drinks slide right down the throats of cheerful, good looking college students, often (intentionally?) spilling a little bit so that the sweet liquid drips promiscuously down over the white blouse. Without this review turning into a soft core something or other, suffice it to say that Carlos 'n Charlie's hosts a lively crowd fit for all of the senses.

Feeling a bit hungry? Then come to Carlos 'n Charlie's to chow down on some of the most delicious party munchies Mexican food on the island of Aruba. Tacos, burritos, tortas, quesadillas - you name it. You can take your pick of whatever delicious Mexican delight you like with one rule (enforced only by the general clamoring of your festive companions) that it must accompany a goodly sized Margarita. No prob.

The only down side to this fun-filled party action bar is that the high patronage of foreigners and busses known as "party busses" tends to cause a little bit of stand offishness among the local population. Don't get me wrong - these folks love to party. But since they're use to the island scene, it's not exactly a "cool" thing for these hip Latin folks to hang around a place where young Americans are getting drunk for the first time - every night.

Still, while the local population of Aruba may not find Carlos 'n Charlie's to be their favorite place, I think it's well worth trying out if only just once. In fact, the locals may be on to something. My best night out at Carlos 'n Charlie's was my first night on the island. After that, it can get a bit old. That said, the great food and drinks deserve one of my highest recommendations for the type of bar-restaurant place that it is - just don't look for me as a regular there.

Find this bumping joint packed with happy vacationers in the center of Oranjestad. The address to Carlos 'n Charlie's is Weststraat 3A, Oranjestad. If you are interested in finding out more about this fine establishment, or if you just want to say hi or ask about the hours, just give them a jingle by dialing (297) 582-0355.

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