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Kokoa Beach Bar

Nightlife & Entertainment

Watch the amazingly prim bodies of these blond northern European beauties work the bar here like you've never before seen a bar get worked. Receive your tall crushed-ice daiquiri drink from a female Dutch bartender with just about the cutest face ever. She may even wink one of her Caribbean blue eyes at you as she serves you this excellent concoction.

Indeed, it's the beach bar you've always dreamed of. Really, the magic behind this shimmering "sand bar" destination for eager Aruba island vacationers like you really lies in the fact that this exceptional bee-line bar destination is more of a tan in the sun and spend most of your time outside on the powdery white sand location chill spot than it is the rock and roll atmosphere of the type of bar that stays open later.

So as I cruised up to the Kokoa Beach Bar from the Palm Beach resort hotel I'd been checking out a little earlier, I smelt a strange yet intoxicatingly sweet smell in the air. It was like the popcorn in movie theaters when you were a kid, before they changed from the old kind of butter they used to slather all over it. Mmm, yeah.

Then I saw exactly where it was that this lovely aphrodisiacal smell was coming from. The bronzing bodies of at least 15 gorgeous sunbathers were just sprawled out luxuriously in the hot sun and the beautiful white sand. And indeed, the mixed gender crowd was smiling with bliss. Not only were they tranquilly ecstatic with the thrill of the Aruba moment - many more before this and many more to come - but the sun was literally cooking that sweet tanning oil while it melted off their bodies, and the most glistening rotisserie results could be seen already. (A side note: come to Aruba if you are at all serious about getting that California tan you've always dreamed of. Not only is the sun great, but the folks here are absolute pros!)

Anyhow, the most important aspect of this whole endeavor of mine was now to feel some sort of cold liquid pour down my throat. I tipped my island vacation white sun hat to the ladies, shook hands with my South American buddy "Paco" (it's easy to make friends here) and sidled up to the thatch roofed hut where a smiling Dutch blonde 18 year old girl greeted me warmly. I was thinking to order something light. I was in a light and happy mood, and I also didn't want to go too overboard as it was only happy hour, and I knew by the way this attractive girl behind the bar was looking at me that I'd have many more drinks coming after this one.

Find the Kokoa Beach Bar on the deliciously beautiful Palm Beach, and find your dreams come true. It's just like something straight out of a movie. The water is exquisite, the sand is pure white and the bodies are oh, so hard. Call up to the Kokoa beach bar to find out more info about the great drinks that are offered here. It's important that you dial from a local phone, as this is their local number: (297) 586-2050.

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